Dude moves rocks with pebbles and beard

This was one of Youtube's "most viewed" last week.

The copy from the site...

Wally Wallington has demonstrated that he can lift a Stonehenge-sized pillar weighing 22,000 lbs and moved a barn over 300 ft. What makes this so special is that he does it using only himself, gravity, and his incredible ingenuity.

Wally Wallington's Webbbside (...still having trouble with that name)


OglebayNorton said...

This made my month.

Anonymous said...

this shit's hot.

gotta love simply physics

techguru said...

From a woman who has lots of British friends...this is awesome.
I always wondered.
Stonehenge is my personal favorite; but I've been told that the Salibury Plains are dangerous at night.
But probly not thousands of years ago.