Apples, Gravity, Newton...

Here's a reference point for this whole little thang -- a picture of the actual iPhone, and not a photoshopped product shot:

As you probably well know, Apple released the iPhone today to much fanfare, press attention and multiple dork orgasms. I never thought it was going to happen. It seemed like another macult dream. Anyway, the effect on the markets has been interesting to say the least.

I'm not the the first (1, 2, 3) but someone needed to put up an image of the ups and downs from today.

And McSey does it better...

In the first graph witness the decline of RIM (makers of the blackberry service) and Palm (of the treo) in contrast to the rise of Apple.

In the second, check out the play by play effect iTV and then the iPhone has on the stock.

[via Andy Baio]


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chewbacca said...

I think Blake is still recovering from his 'tech dork-gasm' last night he ranted and raved about this doohickey for at least a 1/2 hour and then told everyone he talked to...mentioning that it 'blows doors' on all its competition and all i could think of is 'How does this tiny little iphone fit its mouth around a doorknob?'

Speaking of 'dorkgasms', did you download those graphs of YOUR phone?