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John Edwards is going guerrilla, just like Dean did in '04. His first step has been to post a video on Youtube pre-announcing his intention to announce his candidacy for the oval office in '08, which he plans to reveal the next morning (the 28th). Looks like I'm a couple days late on this one, but its interesting nonetheless. And then Rocketboom interviewed him. And I'm sure there are equally weird follow-up videos.

To be honest, this has got the undeniable scent of a "hail mary." He's hitting the online community hard and quick, putting himself up in every online niche possible (see below). Its smart though. Its free, and its early. He's even gone so far as to ask viewers to text the word "hope" on their cellphones in order to learn more about his new efforts and programs. Gooooooo! Innnnernet!!!

Edwards also mutters something about "wanting you to hear this first." You is, of course, the infamous You Time Magazine so applauded last week. While this idea has already been beaten into everyone's heads by now, Edwards doesn't seem to believe it even as he says it. (exclusively on the Internet, mind you)

As many others have noted, the 2008 election might be the first to see a significant move to the second and third screens. Representation on myspace, facebook, and flickr might just be a start, but its only a matter of time before we get Hilary Clinton viral videos. And Barack Obama ringtones. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm....

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