Before I Kill Myself: "A Rant In His Pant"

Because websides is totally taking off and because the intern market is bone dry, I'm going to be opening this thing up a bit to other contributors. Accordingly, I present to you our very first guest editor, tkid. Be nice.

Do you ever look at your hands and notice that they have extra hair on them? Or your toes? How about wondering if working on the inter net is the wave of the future or your way of postponing adulthood? Do you hate actual mail (not the electronic kind) and refuse to open it unless the envelope is a nifty color? Do you catch yourself using the word "nifty" and think about your mother? Do you have chest pains (i seriously do), back pain, sore joints, muscle ache, ass rashes or boils? If the answer to any or all of these question is yes then you are getting old. However, there is a solution. A healthy diet of AVF montages and underage women can lift your spirits or put you in jail.

[posted by TKID]



Justin said...

that tkid has some voice. i bet he has an satisfactory dong.

Narnia said...

My guess is that you wrote "an satisfactory dong" because you meant to say "an unsatisfactory dong." Yes.

Justin said...

my guess is that you are a toolbox.