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TKid is back. With a vengeance. And proper.

Ah to be young again. This report brought to us by Canada's CBC and the stalwart Bill Cameron was made during the early years of Internet. Although there is no year on the clip, the report seems to have been made during a time where the internet had yet to be overtaken by Spam and Porn, an innocent time where pedophiles had to hang behind middle schools to find their victims. Those were the days when nerds were still nerds and gainful employment predicated on the production of "Fart Videos" was just a pipe dream. Today Internet is called The Internet and is pirated by rich nerds and yes Porn. Pedophiles surf freely among chartrooms (can't believe those still exist) with hopes of ultimately ending up on Dateline's To Catch a Predator. The Future is now my friends. The Future is now.

- TKid

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