Launching Beers, Balls, and Careers

Occasionally technology and absolute laziness come together in sweet, sweet harmony. This, ladies and gentlefarts, is one of those moments. Recent Duke graduate John W. Cornwell's BeerLauncher falls somewhere between sliced bread and saturday night. Apparently, it's just as popular :

"2/27/07: To everybody who is asking about price, the BLF took me at least a hundred hours to build, as well as several hundred dollars worth of parts. I would put the price at about $2500 to build ONE. If you are serious about acquiring one, you could email me with the price you would be willing to pay. If I get enough interest the price would obviously come down substantially, although probably not < $1000."
The funny thing is that this kid is pissed about his video ending up on YouTube because he's earning shared revenue on Metacalf (currently, $1,441). The copy on YouTube has 195,000 views, but he doesn't make a penny from it. He's also created a tennis ball launcher (and a video for it.)

::: via Clusterflock
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