Joost Is Like An Old Man Dipping His Hands In Your Bits

If you haven't heard of Joost, you will. Originally titled "The Venice Project," and brought to you by the guys that made Kazaa and Skype, its still in beta but should be launching this summer. Essentially these guys took the 2.6 Billion they made selling Skype to Ebay, and paid off the lawsuits they had pending from the Kazaa mess. They're using the remaining capital to fund Joost.

The idea here is "to deliver near-TV resolution images" on demand, on the web. Its simple really. With the success of YouTube and the recent proliferation of web-shows and video channels, Joost aims to corner the market on high quality content while bringing along some of the larger and more successful content creators. I.e., Viacom, National Geographic and more.
Its a really long story and its been told better elsewhere.

This, however, is their first television ad. Its weird, and refreshing.

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