Playing with Balls

We've had our share of Murder, Tkid, Salad, and the rest. And I think I've spent enough time disgusting you with dick piks and video klips. So, without further adieu, I present a real live journalist: johan the barbarion. (disclaimer: he likes sports -- especially of the "water" variety)

Hope "springs" eternal in March and Aril—that time of the year when you, "Joe SportsFan," find yourself stuck in that infamous sports lull between the Super Bowl and opening day. While you're wondering what happened to your local football team and beginning to contemplate your sleeper for your annual March Madness brackets, you can't help but exude the utmost optimism regarding your favorite baseball club because, well, you're just not going to resign yourself to watching the NHL.

Whether you are a fan of the Cubs, Yankees, Red Sox or Rockies, right now is when no legitimate baseball fan knows better. Your manager and GM are putting together the pieces of a year that will either surprise everyone (see Marlins, Tigers circa 2006) or no one (see Yankees circa every season). Because whether you're checking out the next big thing in a young pitcher/Japanese phenom (Phil Hughes, Daisuke Matsuzaka) or banking on a rebound season from that sentimental veteran/old-timer (Derrick Lee, anyone?), spring training is the one time to brag to your friends/coworkers that yes, in fact, this may actually be the year. And why not? Your team boys beat the varsity squad from (fill in the blank) State for the 30th consecutive year. Play ball.


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