Crappy Musicians Keep Stealing Our Internet

I forced Tkid to write this little diddy because he found the media and, frankly, its fucking interesting... regardless of its truth.

Look familiar? Aside from the fact that you may recognize the rapidly un-indie-fying (i just made up a crappy word) Peter Bjorn and John, their video for Objects of My Affection looks eerily similar to a certain Flash game where the likeness of our President falls listlessly through space occasionally hitting and sliding off orbs. Can it be that the internet is affecting other mediums such as music and even the less impressive music video? I know email is huge, but who knew the impression this internet could have on modern life. What's next a line rider novella?

BONUS! :::
We found a copy of this game, but instead of Bush you get to fling around a cute little bikini clad girlie.



nichelle said...

not to mention crappy blogs

Narnia said...

your webside doesn't exist.

Davis said...

wow! speaking of haters...websides is dead.

murder said...

websides is dead because narnio plunged a bowie knife into its back, and when it tried to scream narnio turned the knife and shooshed it. he then held it as it bled out the last moments of its life, all the while narnio whispering to it, coaxing websides quietly into death.