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Sell Your House, Move into a Larger Bus

Most recreational vehicles are supposed to provide just enough living space to be adequate, however many recent motorhomes appear so sophisticated, extravagant and expensive that they can only be considered a "moving indulgences" for Robert De Niro retired CIA types (seriously, who else can afford the thing?)

As the long weekend in Canada approaches, we are going to witness an RV & Motorhome "highway show", when all types of this venerable zoo on wheels will start to creep toward (and from) the mountains, exasperating the car/truck motorists inadvertedly stuck behind. On this page we'll show various extreme RVs, some available on the market, most transcending the market and perhaps even the common sense.

And more:
RV to the Max!

The following luxury boats are too fancy for mountain roads, probably too fancy for any road (you don't want to scratch this thing) But then again, maybe we're just jealous. The "Rock-Star" RV and the Renault bus conversion each go for a cool one million, but they're definitely NOT the most expensive motorhomes. That honor goes to "The Platinum Plus" model from the "Featherlite Luxury Coaches". Read the article here. The price on the Platinum Plus is $2.5 million.

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