Juxtaposed Juxtapositions

It seems there's not a whole lot of room in the blogosphere these days. While redundancy and repeat are mainstays for the up-to-the-minute-i-saw-it-first medium (and no one expects it not to be), it is interesting to see people "reporting" different but similar things. Its almost like all of these people shouting at each other can actually be illuminating. Not as individuals, but collectively. Of course.

"I thought the juxtaposition of the two headlines was pretty funny. The two headlines discuss essentially the same issue with quite contradictory projections. Each news story discusses a small battle, and both stories forecast over-reaching, inconsistent implications for the larger war."
[The Gong Show: Juxtaposed Sensational Headlines]

"Early adopter? Late adopter? Surly adopter? Nokia and Apple are vying for your affections. When you Googled "iPhone" earlier today, targeted ads for Nokia's Mosh social network showed up, taunting iPhone buyers for having overpaid. In response, Apple placed ads telling "late adopters" that they could get "all the iPhone" for two-thirds the price."
[Valleywag: Nokia, Apple spar via Google ads]

I suppose its comforting to have "both sides" represented in our search results, but its also a bit disconcerting that we're not trusted enough as consumers to make more than a binary decision.

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