ProbablyNarnia: jon already implemented it for the demo for the dinner party
badlittleman: oh great
ProbablyNarnia: its working now, without any language to say its possible
badlittleman: it just drops you to the original upload?
badlittleman: or to a scaled version of that?
badlittleman: .. btw im having a conversation with a 50 year old in seminary school:-)
ProbablyNarnia: no, to the original image, nothing scaled
ProbablyNarnia: why?! why on earth?
badlittleman: im buying some gauges from him for paris vs paris:-)
ProbablyNarnia: wow
badlittleman: Robert Morrow:
the first 2 years guys are assigned to a local congregation to do field work. They assist at the church, do hospital visits, teach bible class. After a couple of preaching classes they get to preach from the pulpit. The course are broken into doctrine, history, practice, bible study (using greek and hebrew) and they all wind up interacting in interesting ways.
ProbablyNarnia: oh my god

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