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Bad Day at School DAy

Today I had a really bad day and it was tough to do my maths.


breaking: nick denton fires himself, replaces website with bag of tears


emily gould and choire sicha left gawker, jakob lodwick left vimeo.
i'm moving to sf, and your sister and I are on good terms.

murray's new status message - the internet quit. it's moving on to bigger and better things. 5:45 PM

Dimon is going to hit you in your POW

Up until 3 months ago, he couldn't grow facial hair. Now he's hosting a tv show. He's all grown up.


"The statue was also moved eight inches forward. There was an attempt to center the statue on the pedestal, but to no avail."

- http://www.oomsa.com/node/678 via Dobbs

Fires in San Diego

Manhattan looks ridiculously tiny in comparrison to the fires raging in San Diego.

Taco stands and Waterpolo tournaments beware.