Borat Producers Got Him Drunk and He Said "Bring Back Slavery"

Surely he's a recognizable character, but what about a bunch of free booze and a couple of is niiiiiiice's later? Is this kid still to blame for saying some horrible stuff? Here's the account from one of his friends:

Last year, a guy came to my town claiming to be filming a documentary for Kazakhstan. He recruited my friend John to be in it. John signed the papers and everything- that's not the issue. However, the producers got John really drunk and he said some things he really regrets that made it to the final cut. John's terrified that everyone's going to see the movie and think he's an awful human being (which he's not). He's very distraught. He feels like he's disgraced his family, he wants to drop out of school, and feels like his life is ruined. How can I help him?
Here are more comments made by the guy's friend, later in the thread. The original statement (above) and the followups: here and here. Also, an article written about the fraternity brothers getting "duped."

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techguru said...

Fuck me falling sideways I don't know where to start.
Yeah, I do.
They went to a state full of racists just to prove an already proven point.
However, I'm only hoping that the racist pricks vomited until their sides hurted after filming all that shit.
In this day and they never had a reason to appreciate a black person ever.
They can fucking start with peanuts and stoplights and blood folks did that.
Why I oughta....!