Even Stevphen

Steve Carell drops pen, cries


techguru said...

I LOVED this.
Hubby got me into the Daily Show, but Jon Stewart's best stuff was his stand up on HBO.
Colbert and Carrell rock it hard; and they really are hysterical.
Maybe it's just me, but this is GOOD teevee.
I say this having watched teevee for 39 of my 49 years.

raincoaster said...

I have such a hard crush on Carrell. Play a gay man and win my heart; what can I say, I'm post-feminist!

ParisHaterLohanFan said...

if this is the center of the universe does that mean if I fart everyone can smell it?

Anonymous said...

Can't smell it from here.
Keep on posting.

One of my Faves from Gawker.

I'm that big mouth grrrrrl who spoke from their 'grave.'
I totally love the Narns, and you're funny in your own right.
Glad to see ya here...
Hail Hail the gang's all here!