Close yer tag, ahole: an exploration in commenting execution

So this happened. And it was ridiculous. Many other instances of a tag-for-all have happened elsewhere in the gawker media sphere... Lockhart Steel and Kiddler (or whatever his name is) have yet to ameliorate the problem. They're happy as clams to let one tag ( italics, for example) run through the commenting section -- affecting every piece of text after it. And generally, its been a funny and oft ignored phenomenon. So when I was reading Consumerist's little writeup on commentinginvitegate (the one where Maltron got ahold of a couple thousand gawker invites) and noticed the tags had been running wild again, I thought it only pertinent to jump right in...

I mean its an invitation, isn't it? RIGHT!?

So, per my recent runningwildness as prompted by the Deadspin takeover of gawker, I messed around a little bit, teased Popken, and then -- appropriately -- got axed.

I didn't even know it until I saw this:

4. i don't know where else to say this: narnia got executed over at consumerist. he was a motherfucking institution. i bet this was about gawkercommentinvitegate.
Thank you Genevieve Yorke, I didn't think anyone cared.



raincoaster said...

Hey, I was the first to let people know! Not so much as a shout-out? Not a link? Not even when you stole my Even Stevphens?

techguru said...

Good morning.
This is Rory.
I saw where you were executed on Consumerist via Gawker...and spent three days trying to find out why.
I finally! found the post between you and Popken and laughed my ass off...hadda put it back on with superglue.
Tags...baiting the trap.
Jeebus that was HIGHlarious.
I love you was love at first sight!
It's a love that last forevs...unless, of course, you piss me off.
"Back from the motherfucking ashes" is the best line EVER!