If You Step On It, It Doesn't Die Until You Step On It


The above is not a diagram, its just not. The Japanese would never attempt to diagram the american old west. Re-create the splendor of the silver screen, maybe, but diagram, never. Its more a play on the irony of smoking and spiders and stuff. Afterall, the cowboys are aiming their guns at each other. And this just got annoying to write

Right right, I got it. Backwards, fowards, gas, etc. Still, when I fart, I fart for real. A real fart doesn't disgunguish between civilians or enemy combatants. THERE ARE NO SMART FARTS, farts "just is"

[via detoy via bree via a lonely whisper in miami, fl]

Asian Alphabets hate smokers (you)

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techguru said...

You know Narnia,I don't have any idea what this shit is.
But you had me at "Because Fuck you Spider."
I love you.
Never forget that.