Like Deer Caught in the High Beams: Why We Love The Nipple Slip

Janet Jackson was not the first, but she was the most broadcast. In an unforgettable moment during the 2003 Super-Bowl halftime show she her costume reveal became what has been infamously titled a "wardrobe malfunction." Millions of people, thanks to the live feed, caught a glimpse of her bare nipple, entirely uncensored. But, of course that was not the end of it. Almost immediately Ms. Jackson suffered the aftermath – thousands of little boys scouring the internet for another glimpse. They dedicated hours of their lives to this one moment. .JPG's, .GIF's, .MPG's and .MOV file flooded the internet in droves. And of course these same kids modified the content to produce slow-mo's, zoom-ins, and even detailed descriptions of the piercing Ms. Jackson unintentionally showed the sports hungry audience. A line of similar nipple "jewelry" was soon available for purchase online.

But the nipple slip isn't anything new. There is a storied history of accidental breast exposing that dates back nearly 40 years. Surprised? I didn't think so. One source dates the first accidental exposure to Jayne Mansfield - memorable for the contemptuous look on Sophia Loren's face as she caught sight of it. The media has generally swarmed to this exposure. They're feeding the public's insatiable hunger for the naked flesh of the celebrities they idolize – and in doing so – have created an entire media subculture created to feed that need. Case and point, the overwhelming upsurge in "nip slip" incidents. Janet Jackson, while the most publicized of these, is by far just the tip of the iceberg. The appearance of these incidents has been steadily increasing. Case in point, only halfway through 2006, we’ve seen Paris Hilton’s nipple at least twice.

hot piece of arse

While the websites and magazines that glorify these “unplanned” have increased their exposure, and thereby their frequency – it also begs the question as to whether these incidents are staged. A recently in fashion show in Mumbai had two in the same show, and after the initial uproar subsided, many people became skeptical of their purported accidental nature.

At least some people are having fun with this recent media trend. The online gambling site, has a running bet as to who will be the next to inadvertently reveal an areola. Though the odds are in favor of Courtney Love and stacked heavily against Hillary Clinton (more than 400/1), it might just depend on who needs some exposure.

[text is from a now "idle" project, image stolen from marriedtothesea]


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