Just because we make shitty internet ads doesn't mean we make shitty condoms.

CollegeHumor.com does the occassional bit of original content and, considering they've recently made the leap from advertising supported nonsense repository to VC acquisition (thanks to some generous purchasing on behalf of Barry Diller at IAC), I think its pretty awesome.

This is a new opportunity, and honestly, somewhat uncharted territory. They're suddenly afforded the opportunity, if not capital, to make content of their own -- as opposed to just circulating ridiculous collegiate humor. It would be like if a team of librarians werew given an advance to write a series of novels. I'm interested to see what they do with this money, and a bit skeptical. But thats me.

Well, at the end of a recent "original" sketch about "getting ass as a freshman"(decidly unfunny) they dedicated the last couple frames to a url. That url? A "durex" viral "micro-site," thepantswhisperer.com. (update, upon further review... Durex is actually a paying advertiser on their site. there seems to be a relationship there.)

Anyway, the collegehumor video aside, the best part about the Durex site is that the agency probably spent a good chunk of Durex's money in order to put this together and put it out there... all the while telling them "this is the new shit, people love this shit, you're going to get a TON of eyeballs on this shit." Then, in a fit of ecstatic genius, someone decided to hook up with the CollegeHumor guys to seal the deal.

A quick glance at Alexa (obviously not the best metrics here) will show you how AWESOMELY AWESOME AND SUCCESFULL THIS AWESOME VIDEO ADVERTISEMENT SHIT IS AWESOME.

It was created. It peaked. Now its fizzling. Awesome way, AWESOME way to spend a cool 15k.

Traffic Rank for thepantswhisperer.com: 682,705
Amount of time wasted: all of it
Number of condoms sold because of wasted time: who cares

[UPDATE:Looks like the video debuted on CollegeHumor.com on December 1st, but has yet to really effect the traffic for the microsite.]


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bettina said...

It is a little hard to follow the depths of the internet to which you traveled to find this video. I bet it cost more than 15k. What idiots. Someone should put the internet back into the hands of people who know what they're doing.