This American Television/Podcast/Radio thing

This American Life is now a free itunes podcast... and a t.v. show. The first is almost more surprising than the second. Ira Glass and crew have always put their web based audio on real player and audible, but their recent effort to distribute it freely is something both long overdue and unexpected. For years the only way to listen to the show on the computer was to have a Real Audio Player that streamed the show. Meaning you couldn't download the mp3s -- you had to buy them.

As for the t.v. show, they, as well as their audience, weren't sure if the radio show could translate to the screen. They had been considering it for some time, and this spring marks the fruition of a serious effort. The show debutes on March 22nd on Showtime -- they've been given a contract for 13 episodes. Click here to subscribe to the itunes podcast. Click here to see Showtime's most recent announcement. (NPR also wrote a piece.)


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