Good God! Good Searching with Good Search

The opportunities for charities to make a little bit of extra dough on the internet are plentiful (though I don't really know of any, they have to be right?). The above, however, is the most direct. Every time you search using Yahoo's "Good Search" you earn the charity of your choice 1 cent. Considering that everyone does at least 20 of these searches a day and that I do about 200, we can finally put some change in the pockets of totally needy folks. Like, for example, a charity called "Stoked" that brings kids to the beach, the mountain, and the street to surf, snowboard, and skateboard, respectively. Charity! Right?! Hows about the Websides charity?

They just started their account last month and so far they've raised $6.94. So lets get good searching and lets help a little kid get a new one-hitter/bong together, as a community, for good.



Om said...

Do you think this will make a difference? I mean, 1 click 1c isn't that big, is it?

BWT, I like your blog and would like to subscribe to it, if you don't mind.

murder said...

save websides! buy us a chubbler!