Gorks Deliver

salad: you should go on a crazy gork binger and kill someone
murder: woof
me and gork arent friends anymore
salad: maybe you just don't fully understand eachother
murder: i certainly dont understand him
salad: the thing you have to understand about the g-nast is that he works on
his own agenda
murder: yeah he does
hes a fucking jerk
salad: hahahaha
he can be a real jerk
he's like that friend who you know is really a deuschbag but you hang out
with anyway
because he has unlimited supplies of the g-nast or something
my allegory just got all fuckin twisted
i used my allegory inside my allegory
ohhhhhhhhhh dude
murder: wow
salad: heady
murder: wow
salad: i know
we just had a little allegory fender bender
not to worry though
murder: it collapsed in on itself like a neutron star
salad: like a half-kicked sack of gorks
just used a tri-gork allephor


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ellagood said...

are gorks related to sporks?