I can trust Murder to pump these posts out. He's all up to his knees in internet trends and chicken feces, though he much prefers the latter.

Are chickens the newest trend in internet…trends? Fucking apparently.

A while back I came across a live web feed of a bunch of chickens in someone's backyard in Massachusetts. It depicts a scummy yard filled with chicken crap, all day long, and once in a while a few chickens meander on and off screen like zombies.

"Fascinating," I said to myself.

So then today I was trying to find it again, so I googled "chicken cam" (editor, link to Google there so people know what it that means). Amazingly, about a hundred chicken cams from all over the world came up and in case you were wondering, chickens in France don't do much different than chickens in America, except they smoke cigarettes.

Eventually I found a chicken cam in Massachusetts that I loved so dear and repeatedly sent my friends hidden links to, and observed the chickens were nowhere to be seen. The ground was soaking wet and the sky in the distance gray and cloudy, and I took these to be the effects of the recent nor'easter. Did the storm kill the chickens? Suddenly I noticed the option to actually look inside the chicken coops, and sure enough, there they were, holed up in their little tenement avoiding the elements like maybe even people would.

"Fascinating," I said to myself.

Are chickens our greatest natural resource, our best and our brightest? Think about it, as the two in the video break up a fight between a Sunni rabbit and a Shiite rabbit.

[via Kottke]



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starting a chickenet rabbitfarm tomorrow...

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