Sent at 3:23 PM on Thursday
james: dude he should be paying you for your websides contributions. that site is nothing without you
murder: really?
james: you're the talent kid...don't you wanna see ya name in lights? you gotta think big to get big kid. sure he's a nice guy and everything. but is he really looking out for what's best for murder? hell no. he's lookin out for el numero uno
murder: yeah, he's still got me bustin' my chops down in the copyroom. i'm disposable, like a napkin!
james: or like a disposable diaper. or a disposable toilet seat.
murder: that bastard sits there chain smoking pall malls all day while i'm out there trackin' down hit videos on youtube
james: i know. i am renegotiating your contract with him right now. i broke his car window last week to send a message.

Sent at 3:43 PM on Thursday
murder: he's been talking about burning down the office to collect the insurance money. i think he's slipping.

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