Peeing On Computers, On Co-Workers, On The Internet

New contributor Thursday. Just kidding, thats gay. Meet detox, he's not gay:

Chances are if you’re reading this fine blog, you’re probably bummed it’s Thursday. In fact, you’re probably bummed about the whole concept of a “work week” because why can’t it just be the weekend all the time, damnit? If you share those sentiments, or you find yourself horribly depressed by the prospect of another 5 or 6 hours at work, check out this little game put together by your friends and mine at [adultswim].

The name is 5 Minutes To Kill (Yourself). The object is to kill yourself in under five minutes to avoid sitting through another insufferable meeting. Be as resourceful as possible: try on a piñata, pee on some computers or try sharing a bathroom stall with a clown.

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Bree said...

I like the varied outfit choices. I keep trying to insult the fat guy but he's so NICE!