Planet of the Websides: Bananas in Space

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Did you hear about the new planet they found in SPACE? Well they did! But like, whatevah, why didn't they see it before? I read that a scientist was like brushing his teeth at night or something and then he saw in the mirror the reflection from outside of the sky and he saw the planet and was like "Oh mah Gawd, can it be?"

Then he ran to his scientist cave and got on the science phone and called all his friends and was like, "Dood, there is totes a new planet in the sky, go outside and look up and like over by the moon and above the roof of the ugly-neighbor-who-gives-gross-crackers-and-stuff-instead-of-candy-on-Halloween's house!", and then over the receiver you could hear the other scientist go "Oh mah Gawd, it looks like a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup or maybe I am just hungry!"

They say we could live on the planet because it has enough air and whatevah to build a mall. Sweet! But what kind of stores will they have at the mall? I hope not the Discovery Channel store, because it is wicked boring.

Wow, I am wicked excited! What do you think they should call the new planet? I think they should call it "Steve", because that is the name of the boy who DOESN'T throw bananas at me in the cafeteria.

Space Roolz!

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