Switch Hitting Beaver!

Tkid is back. The guys at Shorpy did some work figuring this little gem out, and Tkid wants them to pay for the pain his father caused him. Makes perfect sense.

Neato! Geeks at Shorpy have uncovered a mystery that has been plaguing geeks for decades. What did the Mrs. Rayburn's note to the Beave actually say?

My typing is lousy, but the typewriter isn’t so hot either. After all, why should I take the blame for these mechanical imperfections, with which all of us must contend. Lew Burdette just hit a home run and Milwaukee leads seven to one in the series. This is the last line of the filler material of the note. No, my mistake, that was only the next to last. This is last.
I remember long nights with my father huddled by the micro film looking for clues while he drank heavily and abused our dog Lucy. We never could uncover the truth. Was Mrs. Rayburn going to expel the Beave for huffing glue with Eddie behind the playground or was it simply a permission slip for the class trip to the milk bottling plant? In the end it was simply nonsense. Just gibberish. It was musings about the fact that it was nothing. How ironic. My father's life work down the drain. Cases upon cases of scotch wasted. I cannot count how many switches from the Sycamore tree he wasted beating poor Lucy. I guess what i have learned is that physical abuse is wrong if it is in pursuit of the unattainable. I'm gonna miss Lucy. Fuck you "Leave it to Beaver." It was a stupid gay show anyway.



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